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Walk Through Our Halls
LMS values students as they are and, in doing so, encourages them to discover the joy of learning. We embrace the whole child and support his/her pursuit of success through flexible pathways, authentic projects and challenging real-world exploration.
We believe that...
All learning must be relevant and purposeful.
Relationships are a key part of success.
Both staff and students should continuously reflect on their own learning.
All staff and students should embrace a growth mindset; that failure is a learning opportunity, not an end result.
Welcome to Lewiston Middle School
LMS (Lewiston Middle School) is made up of 7th and 8th grade students in the Lewiston area - Totaling roughly 780 students in 2018.

As the only public Middle School in Lewiston, Maine - We are privileged to see much diversity in our student's ethnic backgrounds. To achieve our goal of academic success amongst all of our students - We employ the most intelligent and insightful minds in the area.

This combination of dedicated educators and students embracing the discovery of education has made us successful in who we are as a school and what we believe in, together.