Attendance, School Refusal and Truancy

Regular school attendance is important for your child’s academic success. If your child needs to stay home due to illness or a family emergency, please be sure to call the school at 795-4180 and send in a note excusing his/her absence when he/ she returns. Prolonged illness (4 or more days) will require a Doctor’s note. It is a parent or guardian’s responsibility and legal obligation to ensure their child attends school.

School refusal is a common concern for middle school families. There can be many reasons why a student may refuse to attend school, including social concerns, academic issues, mood or sleep problems and family issues. If your student is refusing to go to school, please contact your guidance counselor so we can help you address and resolve the situation as soon as possible. Early intervention is the best way to reestablish regular attendance patterns.

Truancy is defined as 10 or more unexcused absences or 7 consecutive unexcused absences in a school year. Research shows that patterns of habitual truancy can lead to poor academic achievement, lower test scores, and an increase in the probability of dropping out of school in future years.

At LMS, we take truancy very seriously. We are mandated to contact the Office of the Superintendent and the State when a student is truant.