Football Tryouts/Practice

The week of August 13th from 4:30pm to 7pm at LMS

***Athletes must have had a physical within the last year to participate.

Athletics Information at LMS

Anyone trying out for an LMS sport must show proof of having had a physical within the last year.

The co-curricular eligibility policy requires student HOW (Habits of Work) scores to be at least 3’s with an exception of up to three 2’s; students cannot have any scores of 1.

Listen for announcements or see/email our Athletic Director, Mrs. Forrest, for more information.

See our current Athletics Schedule Calendar.

Driving Directions for Away Games.

Fall Athletics:

Boys Soccer

Girls Soccer

Field Hockey - 2 teams


Football - 2 teams

Winter Athletics:

7th gr. Boys Basketball

7th gr. Girls Basketball

8th gr. Boys Basketball

8th gr. Girls Basketball


Spring Athletics:

Boys and Girls Track

7th gr. Baseball

8th gr. Baseball


Boys Lacrosse