Family Laptop Orientation Meeting Video

We have provided a 10 minute virtual "Family Laptop Orientation Meeting" video for your reference. You will still need to fill out the take home agreement form in person at Lewiston Middle School and in front of an LMS staff member before your LMS student will be allowed to take their laptop home.  These forms are located in the LMS main office.   

There is also a form for optional laptop insurance. Laptop insurance will be provided by the school for $30 per year and will cover accidental damage to the laptop. Please make checks payable to "Lewiston Middle School" and in the "For" area of the check, please write your LMS student's first and last name and grade level followed by "Laptop Insurance".  If paying in cash, please put the cash in an envelope and write the LMS student's first and last name and grade level on the envelope followed by "Laptop Insurance".  Please give your insurance payment to the LMS main office. The laptop insurance covers all accidental damage for the entire year and must be paid before the laptop goes home.

Family Laptop Orientation Meeting