MEA Measured Progress 2017-2018


Test Administrators and Proctors must be familiar with the MEA Test Administration Manual which can be downloaded here:

MEA TA Manual for Math, Reading, Writing Tests

MEA TA Manual for Essay Test

MEA Essay Script

There are two required training videos/webinars for Test Administrator training:

•          Test Administration Webinar for TAs 2016-17 (16 minutes)

•          Test Security Webinar 2016-17 (9 minutes)

IMPORTANT: After reading the MEA TA Manual and watching the two training videos/webinars, all Test Administrators and Proctors are required to sign and turn in the TA Test Security and Data Privacy Agreement which can be downloaded here TA Test Security and Data Privacy Agreement

Please print, sign, and turn in this "TA Test Security and Data Privacy Agreement" to your team leader or Amanda Winslow.

MEA Accessibility Guide

The guide for the accessibility features on the eMPowerMEA app can be found here: 

MEA Accessibility Guide

MEA Accessibility Cheat Sheet

MEA Scribe and Read Aloud Protocols

MEA Read Aloud Protocols

MEA Test Administrator Portal for Teachers and Proctors

The MEA portal can be used to see the students at LMS, print student login tickets, and check student testing status. The link to the MEA Portal is:

MEA Portal

Sign-in information was emailed to you from the sender "Maine Program Management".

Test administrator usernames are usually the first letter of your first name followed by your last name.  For example if your name is Jennifer Smith, then your username is likely "jsmith". If you forgot your password or cannot find the email, check your Trash or Spam folder in Google Mail or try using the "Forgot your password?" link at the bottom of the portal page if you can't find the email and type your username in the box when prompted. If these things did not work for you, please email Jason Reblin for help recovering your username and/or password.

The MEA Portal User Guide can be found here: 

MEA Portal User Guide

MEA Testing Schedule

LMS Testing Dates: 

Math/ELA: 4-3-17, 4-4-17, 4-5-17, Makeups 4-6-17, 4-7-17, 4-10-17

Science: 5-1-17, 5-2-17, Makeups 5-3-17, 5-4-17

Essay: 5-9-17, Makeups 5-10-17

eMPowerMEA App Used for Student Testing

[NEW 2016-2017] Students will use the eMPowerMEA app that is already installed on their laptop to take the MEA test.  If a student doesn’t already have the app, they will need to install it from Self Service.  The app will appear on the dock of student laptops and look like the image below.


MEA Test Sessions and Considerations

Day 1: Mathematics 1 & 2 (65 min each session), Day Total Time: 180 min

Day 2: Reading 1 & 2 (70 min each session), Day Total Time: 190 min

Day 3: Writing 1 & 2 (25 min each session), Day Total Time: 100 min

[NEW 2016-2017] Day 4: Essay (Only 1 session, 60 min), Day Total Time: 80 min

For each testing day on Math, Reading and Writing, when planning for the "day total time" add 50 minutes.  For the Essay add 20 minutes for the "day total time".

Math, Reading, and Writing:

20 minutes - Reading the session script before each session (10 minutes per session)

10 minutes - Break between sessions

20 minutes - Extra time to complete session (10 minutes per session)


10 minutes - Reading the session script before the session

10 minutes - Extra time to complete the session

NOTE: For snow days, delayed starts, and makeups it is important to know that the above schedule is flexible if necessary.  Subject tests can be completed in any order (Math, Reading, Writing) but the sessions within them must be completed sequentially (i.e. Math Session 1 MUST be completed before starting Math Session 2).   

[NEW 2016-2017] Later on in May, the Essay test must be completed in the state test window 5-8-17 to 5-19-17 which is after the state testing window for Mathematics, Reading, and Writing.

-Test Administrators must make sure students will have enough time to complete an entire testing session in one sitting.

-Test Administrators must make sure students who need more time are able to finish the session in a single day and are adequately supervised from the time they start the session to the time they complete it.  

-[NEW 2016-2017] All students are allowed an extra 10 minutes to complete the test beyond the regular stop time.  Only students with a documented 504/IEP for an "Extended Time" for testing accommodation are allowed to test beyond the allotted time plus 10 minutes.

-Students are not permitted to make up a test session they started on a different day in order to complete it. If they do not complete a session they started on the same day, they are done with that session.  This rule is different than what we are used to with NWEAs.

- There will be a different “session access code” for each of the MEA test sessions. The session access codes can be found on the first page/cover sheet of the PDF containing student login tickets.  

-Students will need to enter a session access code into the laptop's eMPowerMEA app to begin a test session.

-Students will have the same username for all tests.  Students will have a different password for each test (Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Essay) and their password will remain the same the sessions within each test.

-For each test session Test Administrators will need to read a script from the MEA Test Administrator Manual (Pages 13-28).

Using the Proctor Password

Test sessions paused for over 30 min or inactive for over 60 min need a “proctor password” for students to re-enter the test.  The proctor password (it is the same for all teachers/proctors) will be given to teachers by Jason Reblin before testing begins and must remain confidential.  The proctor password MUST NOT be used to continue a test session on another day after the student started that session (i.e. if they did not finish a session on a previous day) - Using the Proctor Password inappropriately on subsequent days from the original login will be handled as a testing irregularity and the test session will be subject to invalidation - per Maine DOE their diagnostic software will detect this and prompt an immediate investigation.

No Recording or Transmitting Devices (Teacher Laptops are Allowed at Desk)

Make sure there are no electronic communication devices present during a test administration session, even if a student has finished their test. Students, test administrators, and proctors are not permitted to have cell phones or other recording and transmitting devices during the assessment.  If you require assistance during a test session, call the Main Office from your classroom phone or email Amy Charest or Jason Reblin from your teacher laptop.

TA Rules and Responsibilities

-On the first day of testing TAs will distribute usernames and passwords to students. 

-TAs will read scripts to students from the MEA TA Manual for each test session.

-Maintain a daily list of absent students and the test session(s) they missed, using the shared Google Sheets named "MEA Absences".  This will be used later for tracking students for makeup testing.

-TAs are expected to monitor students to make sure they are on task and are not disruptive during testing.  Silent book reading after early completion of a test session may be an option for students.

-Visual aids and clues must be removed or covered and remain hidden throughout the test administration. The purpose of this is to ensure that no students are advantaged or disadvantaged by their testing environment.

-During testing, only one student at a time should be allowed to leave the room.  Students must "Pause" their test when leaving the room for any reason.  While in “Pause” mode, students should not visit with other students, go to their lockers unaccompanied, or take a lunch break.  Pauses for over 30 minutes, or inactivity for over 60 minutes will require the the TA to enter the global "proctor" password to allow the student to resume the test session.

-At the end of each testing day, collect all the student login information that was distributed to students (usernames and passwords).

-Scrap paper is allowed, but must be collected at the end of each testing day.  Deliver scrap papers as a pile to your team leader clearly labeled on top with:

1) Your last name

2) Your room number

-Team leaders will collect scrap paper from every teacher who has a homeroom on the team.  Jason Reblin will visit each team leader and collect the scrap paper for shredding at the end of each daily testing.

-Report all test irregularities to Jason Reblin immediately.  Some examples of irregularities to report include, student cannot continue testing due to technical issues, student talks to others during testing, student is caught cheating, student starts a session but does not complete it due to illness/dismissal/other, student leaves the school and comes back to finish test (this is not allowed), all students in a class do not finish the session even with the extra 10 minutes, all students finish the session extremely early, student is caught using cell phone or other electronics capable of transmitting test information during testing.

Student Preparation and Training

Please ensure that

1. Students have been informed about the importance of the eMPowerME Assessments before testing begins; that their test results will be included in their permanent school records; that a copy of the test results will be provided to their parent(s) or guardian(s); and that test results, including sample student responses, will be used by teachers to help improve academic performance.

2. Students are informed about test security and ethical considerations; do not participate in any form of cheating; only provide answers that are strictly their own; do not consult notes, textbooks, or other teaching materials; do not use cell phones, computers (except the computer used for testing), or other digital or electronic devices; do not share test questions with other students or consult other students, staff, or anyone else accessible to them during test administration.

3. Each student logs in to the appropriate grade, uses only that assigned set of test materials, and handles and completes the materials properly.

4. Students are informed that while a specific amount of time has been scheduled, they may have 10 minutes of additional time if needed. EACH TEST SESSION MUST BE COMPLETED ON THE DAY IT IS STARTED.

5. Students are informed that they will be required to make up any test session missed due to absence from school and that they are encouraged to avoid being absent during the test administration.

6. Students are informed that responses identified in the scoring process as indicating that a student’s physical/emotional health or personal safety may be in jeopardy or that a student may be a threat to others may be referred to appropriate local SAU personnel. All referrals are confidential and any decisions connected with these referrals are under the jurisdiction of the local SAU.

7. Students taking online tests have an opportunity to complete the online sample items in order to become familiar with the types of questions and the features of the eMPowerME Workstation Kiosk. Sample items for online testing are available at

MEA Practice Tests with Students (Optional)

The MEA practice tests can be accessed by student laptops using the eMPowerMEA app on their laptop.  If students do not already have this App on their laptop, have them download the app from Self Service.  The app is called "eMPowerMEA".

Directions for administering the practice tests

MEA Computer Based Test Sample Item Directions

Usernames and passwords for these practice tests are:

Math User Name = MaineMath

Math Password = practice


Reading User Name = MaineReading

Reading Password = practice


Feel free to explore these practice tests yourself and/or with your students.

MEA Technology Guide and FAQs

MEA Technology Guide


MEA Student Login Ticket Steps for TA/Proctors

How to Get Student Login Tickets

MEA Test Administrator Cheat Sheet for Testing Days

TA Cheat Sheet