Currently in Lewiston there are children who hear the school bell ring at end of the day and they begin to worry about what and if they will have any food provided for them over the weekend? We are talking 7 missed meals they may not get until the bell rings again on Monday morning when they are guaranteed a meal. There is a way to help eliminate this problem.

My name is Dale Forrest and I am an employee at Lewiston Middle School. I have started a school pantry at the school. A school pantry is a food pantry located within the school.The goal of this pantry is to provide food to the children in need with nutritious food, either during or outside the traditional school hours through out the entire school year. At Lewiston Middle I have kids that pick up a backpack every Friday with enough food to feed them over the weekend and also students stop by when they need a snack to get them through the day.

For more information or to donate to food pantry please contact the site coordinator: Dale Forrest at 795-4180 ext.220

-Upcoming Events and Shout Outs-

A big thank you to Lisa Laliberte, Bruce Daigle and the Lewiston State Farm Insurance Team for their generous donation!!!

Thank you to ProActive Physical Therapy for their donation to the LMS Food Pantry.

And a big thank you to Cyr Chiropractor for their ongoing support to the School's food pantry!!

Join us at Margaritas Mexican Restaurant, 180 Center Street, Auburn, ME all day on Friday, December 15th. Margaritas will host a Noche Mexicana Fundraiser and donate 20% of pre-taxed food and beverage sales from participating families, friends and supporters to the LMS Food Pantry. Guests can choose items from any of their menus, takeout orders included.  

Call Ahead Seating (207) 782-6036.

We encourage students, parents and community members to join us as we raise funds to support the LMS Food Pantry. Please share this invitation with friends, family and community members.

If you have questions about this event, please contact Mrs. Pendexter.

Please make sure to let the host or server know that you are there to support the fundraiser, so 20% of your pre-tax food and beverage purchases will be donated to the LMS Food Pantry.

Thank you to Dead River Company for their GENEROUS donation to our Food Pantry!!
Thank you to McTEAGUE HIGBEE for helping to support our pantry!

Big Shout to Laroche and Son Dry Wall for their over the top donation- thanks for helping to stock our shelves!!

A huge donation to LMS food Pantry/Store Next Door - made by Carol Sanborn and Alvin Stearns  with Local Lodge S-89 of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers.

You helped  make a difference in our students lives!

A much welcomed and needed donation from Ouellette and Associations, P.A.
including both food and gift cards were donated to the Lewiston Middle School Food Pantry

LMS Food Pantry

A huge shout out to Pediatric Association Of Lewiston P.A for their generous donation to help support our Food Pantry.